Drawing upon the artists’ broad background of physical, musical and visual art practices, their work celebrates and illuminates local people and their living environments.
The collective takes inspiration from the particular communities they’ve been invited to explore, creating performances that reflect their experiences back to the local people.
Residencies to date:
Their title work, “Koski”, premiered in the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival in 2013, to wide acclaim. Created in an ancient cellar by the Lima River, “Koski” explores the complex relationships between humanity and environment, weaving rich music, imagery and spectacular physicality into a performance both powerful and poetic.Artists:
Guy Dowsett – composer, musician
Henna Kaikula – circus artist, dancer
Jacob Cartwright – composer, musician, photographer
Julian Renlong Wong- musician, dancerLength of the performance: 40 minutes
Contains music, physical theatre, dance, handbalancing and contortion.
Suitable for all ages, not aimed for small childrenSound Sculptures: Andrea Dami
Dress Sculpture: Sandro Del Pistoia

Performance was created with the precious help and support of:
Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Jaqueline Varela, Amedeo Petrucci, Enrico Romei, Marcantonio Lunardi, Ilaria Sabbatini, Sollai Cartwright, Marco Salotti, Michael Cartwright, Shona Nunan, Kevan Halson, Giacomo Garibotti.

A big thanks to Ne’na Contemporary Art Space, Monfai Culture Centre, Rampad Kodkaew, Shukit Panmongkol, Mahasamoot Aukkaradechosub and Simbad.