This solo exhibition at ‘la rondine gallery’ was the first showing of my series ‘reflections’.

Together with Guys Dowsett and Henna Kaikula we created a collaborative performance in response to the body of work.  This formation of artists became the seed of the future art collective ‘KOSKI’.

“Piano and clarinet burring insistently, drops of sweet notes like water tinkling in a bowl, a little bit sad, reflective, pensive.  Her body rises and falls like a pendulum, seductive with the same graceful fluidity of a cat, her contortions elevated to a beautiful dance, a body without boundaries.  The performance of music and contortion by Jacob CartwrightGuy Dowsett and Henna Kaikula, at La Rondine Gallery a week ago, was one of those events that leave you breathless and profoundly delighted.  The gallery space is not huge and Henna needed a large amount of it.  Her audience squished in as much as they could to get as much of the performance that was allowed them.  It left us all as high as kites and the energy was abundant afterwards, with us all celebrating way into the night.”

~ Shona Nunan