Jacob Lucius Cartwright is inspired by sound and  other resonances felt by the human consciousness and sculpts these transient frequencies into a solid and lasting state. It is understood that all components of our universe are  vibrations of different frequencies and our relationship to our world is due to sympathetic resonances. Jacob believes that listening with our entire being reminds us of our interconnectivity with all things and wishes to remind people of this via his art.

Born and bred in the arts, Jacob was a gifted child of music and visual art, developing over the years a belief in the ‘renaissance man’ – the ability to work in whatever medium is  appropriate to the creation. His creative process often starts with finding  a  fitting medium to germinate a seed discovered earlier in another work. He creates without models and prefers a direct approach, enjoying the discovery of each moment and remaining observant for “seeds” for future work – a method informed by his musical improvisation, composition and experiences with collaborative, multidisciplinary and often performance based art groups.

Jacob has been influenced by his extensive and immersive travels. He believes the natural desire to express the “divine” resonances of existence manifests in motives and archetypes that are found in  all cultures.

Jacob’s visual exhibitions include exhibiting at Deem Gallery in Hong Kong, La Rondine Gallery in Italy and Hong Kong, Leonida Estate in Tuscany, Biennale di Soncino in Cremona, Barcelona SWAB art fair, Axes Collective in Brussels, La Polveriera in Pietrasanta and Australia House in London where he was invited to represent Australian artists abroad for its centennial celebrations. Jacob is deeply involved in experimental performance with groups, Koski and Bob Collective.

He composes for film, dance and theatre. His collaborative Performance art were exhibited at Bagni di Lucca Art festival, Cartasia and InTeatro in Italy , a t Fabrik Potsdam in Germany and Saari Manor in Finland.

He was Director of the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival in Italy for 3 years. His sound sculpture installations are found at Bei Wu sculpture park in Germany.

He has partaken in art residencies at the Saari Residence by Kone foundation in Finland, Mas des Graviers in France, Bei Wu Art Foundation in Germany and Villa Nappi in Italy.

At the age of 9 Jacob started his musical training. He studied fine art with his parents (both established artists), At 13 he started composition and improvisation at the Victorian College of Arts  Secondary School (VCA SS ). At 15 he studied on a scholarship at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan USA. At 17 he started tertiary studies of composition at the VCA, while attending informal classes at the visual arts campus. Then to study sound production at TAFE.

He has followed his passion of creation from Europe, to Africa, to Asia and can currently be found at his studios ‘La polveriera’ in the historic centre of Pietrasanta, working with wood, marble, bronze and sound.

Ph: Italy +39 3351704683


Instagram:  jacobcartwrightartist