Born and bred in the arts, Jacob was a gifted child of music and classically trained, developing over the years a belief in the ‘renaissance man’, the ability to create in whatever medium is appropriate to the creation. His philosophy succumbs to his whimsical spirit and delicate touch, harmonising with nature with his quiet complexities.

Jacob is deeply involved in experimental performance with his groups Koski and Bob Collective. He collaborates composing for film, dance and theatre. His visual exhibitions include exhibiting at Deem Gallery in Hong Kong, La Rondine Gallery in Italy and Hong Kong, Leonida Estate in Tuscany, Biennale di Soncino in Cremona, Barcelona SWAB art fair, and Axes Collective in Brussels. His collaborative Performance art has been exhibited at the Bagni di Lucca Art festival, Cartasia in Lucca, InTeatro in Polverigi, Fabrik in Potsdam and Saari Manor, Finland. He was also curator and project manager of the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Italy, for 3 years. His sound sculpture installations can be found at Bei Wu sculpture park in Germany. He will be exhibiting at the Australia House in London in June 2018. He has partaken in art residencies at the Saari Residence by Kone foundation in Finland, Mas des Graviers in France, Bei Wu Art Foundation in Germany and Villa Nappi in Italy.

At the age of 9 Jacob started his musical training. At 13 he started composition and improvisation at the Victorian College of Arts, Australia (VCA). At 15 he continued his studies of composition on a scholarship at the Interlochen Arts Accademy in Michigan USA.  At 17 he started tertiary studies of composition at the VCA, Australia, while spending a lot of his time with students from the visual arts and sneaking into life drawing classes. Then to study sound production at TAFE.

Since then he has moved from life to life from London to Madagascar (where he met his wife Jaqueline), to Tuscany, to South East Asia and Europe while his love for photography became a serious practise. Through these new influences in his creative world and his long intimate relationship with visual art through his family and peers, he began to feel the connection between the many creative worlds. A new path became apparent – an exploration of how different practises can talk to each other and express with a common creative voice.

Ph: Italy +39 3351704683


Skype: jacob.cartwright